The Odeum Guitar Duo

Robert Wetzel, born of Dutch, Indonesian and Chinese lineage, began serious study of the classical guitar at age fifteen.  In 1972, he began several years of private guitar study with Pepe, Angel and Celedonio Romero.  He still considers himself to be a pupil of the Romero family and often states, "The master-disciple relationship is a lifelong affair."  Wetzel frequently performs as a soloist and with orchestral and chamber music groups.  He currently resides in San Diego where he is on the music faculties of San Diego State University, Grossmont College, Mesa College, Southwestern College and the University of California, San Diego Extension.

Fred Benedetti was born in Sasebo, Japan, and began  playing the guitar at age nine.  In 1986, he was one of twelve guitarists chosen to perform in the masterclass of maestro Andrés Segovia at USC where Guitarra Magazine  wrote, "Fred Benedetti amazed the audience with his performance of the (Bach) Chaconne."  He has performed in the United States, England, Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada, Taiwan and Mexico.  Benedetti is a fulltime professor of music at Grossmont College, where he is Chair of Guitar Studies and is also on the guitar faculty at San Diego State University.  As a studio musician for thirty years, his playing is featured on numerous films & television and on 80 CD's. He has shared the stage with Dave Brubeck and Luciano Pavarotti, and performed for dignitiaries such as the King and Queen of Malaysia, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Ravi Shankar.